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Cairo Address : 109, Mostafa El-Nahas St., Nasr City

Fax                         :  [+202] 227 115 27

Mobile                 :  [+20] 1223451516

Phone                  :  [+202] 22 71 20 25

Damietta Address :  Advisor Nafie St., Beside El-Mazloum Mosque

Fax                       :   [+2057] 2225560

Phone                :   [+2057] 2228562 – [+2057] 2221614

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About us

Al Fayed Furniture 

A leading company in furniture, design and export since 1990.
We firmly believe in creativity and design. We are always proud of our quality and craftsmanship.
Al Fayed Furniture aims to build strong and good relationships with our customers with an infinite number of designs and creative ideas.
Al Fayed specializes in providing high quality interior design services and managing commercial and residential projects on a global level.
We have a distinguished multi-cultural team of skilled craftsmen who work handily and enthusiastically to provide a rich and consistent final touch that makes them proud of their work.